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“We Can’t Be THAT Stupid”
Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 5:26 am
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According to the AP, the UN has recently released it’s second volume of a four volume series on Global Warming, designed to provide an authoritative resource on the current and future states of our planet and the species that reside on it. Over 2,000 scientists and researchers contributed to this new publication, which includes a ‘map to extinction,’ which lists the likely effects rising temperatures will have by the degree. For example, a two Celsius degree increase – which will probably occur by 2050 at the rate we’re going – would cause 20%-30% of all living species worldwide to go extinct and would cause as many as 2 billion people to be without water.


Yes, these are the dire consequences we are all worried about. However, one would have expected these scientists to be more concerned. Why aren’t they? Because they’re optimistic, optimistic that WE will take this information and do our part to make sure we never reach those levels of global warming. As the author of the first volume, Harvard University oceanographer James McCarthy, so eloquently stated,”The worst stuff is not going to happen because we can’t be that stupid.”


Bufo periglenes or the Golden Toad is believed to have gone extinct due to a 30 year warming trend. They may be the first of many species to go extinct due to Global Warming, caused by humans.


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The Bush administration and others are working hard to confuse the issue, so people do not know what to believe. Doubt makes it much easier for people to put their heads in the sand and not make changes in their lifestyles. Don’t forget, the oil companies have a big stake in this. Your average person just does not read the hard science for themselves.

I know when I bring up the subject of global warming, there are a lot of people who either don’t want to hear about it, or dismiss it as Al Gore liberalism. So maybe we are that “stupid!”
I am very afraid we are that stupid!

So many species are going extinct right now, like the beautiful blue macaws in South America. Animals are in trouble all over the world already. Of course, global warming puts the entire world at risk.

Frankly, I am very distressed. So much so I am looking to find others to talk to about this. It seems to me the majority of people want to ignore it, turn on their favorite TV show.

The entire American consumer society is based on burning fossil fuel. The resistance to change is enormous, especially if you start asking people to make hard changes, sacrifices.

What’s your take?

Comment by Michal

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