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Think You Know Your MPG?
Thursday, May 31, 2007, 7:11 am
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We all know the cars burn fossil fuels to run and therefore emit greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. The Sierra Club is currently pushing for modernized fuel standards as part of their clean car campaign. They’ve put a nifty little MPG calculator on their web site, that allows us not only to check the MPG of our cars currently and with modernized fuel standards, but also to check the impact our cars have on the environment and how much money (and greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels) we would save with newer standards. Please click here to check it out!



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There is technolgy now that will increase fuel mileage up to 10 times your current mileage with no polution. Your car does not lose any power or performance. You can watch a video and get a free quote at They also have a generator and motor that once started will run itself and provide and provide power for 15 homes with no polution. Big business is doing everything they can to stop the people from knowing the truth.

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