Global Warming Issues

Climate Change Threatens Pervasive Forest Loss

Check out Dr. John J. Berger’s new post on climate change and Sudden Aspen Decline! It’s a great new article showing the direct effects of global warming on our ecosystems today. Dr. Berger is a natural resource specialist and published author on energy and environmental issues.


The Benefits of Solar
Thursday, October 15, 2009, 10:58 am
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Solar panels have been a known alternative energy source for years, yet high overhead costs often deter home and business owners from installing them.

Tony Kawaguchi, a realtor from Hawaii has sent me a testimonial and requested I spread the word a bit about solar. Tony put 18 solar PV panels and 2 solar water panels on his house in an effort to save money, get off the grid, and of course save Co2 emissions.

To read more about Tony and his story, please click here