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June 9 – The “Founding Four” forms

June 16 – Initial launch date

June 21 – 93 views of our site

June 23 – Release of first model

June 29 – First comment is posted

July 1 – Contacted our local representatives

July 2 – Contacted and helped through Yahoo! answeres by a geologist who used to work with National Geographic

July 5 – Got two hits off of MSN Sympatico search engine

July 7 – Release of second model

July 8 – Got one hit off of Metacrawler search engine

July 10 – Got one hit off of Xtra MSN search engine

July 13 – Got one hit off of MSN South Africa search engine

July 16 – Release of third model

July 17 – Got three hits off of eQuatorian Global Warming Blog Feeds

July 19 – Received 109 hits … Listed on the WordPress Blog of The Day Fastest Growing Blogs List

July 27 – Received 4 hits from ‘Making Light’


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Global Warming

Comment by bob smith

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Felix rapidly strengthened into a dangerous Category 5 hurricane and churned through the Caribbean Sea on a path toward Central America, where forecasters said it could make landfall as “potentially catastrophic” storm.
Felix was packing winds of up to 165 mph as it headed west, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. It was projected to skirt Honduras’ coastline on Tuesday before slamming into Belize on Wednesday.
“As it stands, we’re still thinking that it will be a potentially catastrophic system in the early portions of this week, Tuesday evening, possibly affecting Honduras and then toward the coast of Belize,” said Dave Roberts, a hurricane specialist at the center in Miami.

Comment by MoossyBuh

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