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It really took me a good 15 minutes browsing this site to realize that you four, dynamic superheroes are responsible for its creation. I wish that I had known about this last week as my Composition class wrote articles about Global Warming and could have used this site as a resource. Would you like any submissions? I might have a few that you could review for accuracy and cogency. Let me know soon, and I’ll arrange to send you the articles. I’m so impressed!

Comment by William Ouellette


Comment by Shoes307309579

hi there,

we just started a blog and linked to one of your posts. would you add us to your blog roll?


Comment by elisabeth

I’ve put 18 solar PV panels and 2 solar water panels on my house in an effort to save money and get off the grid, and of course save Co2 emissions.

I’m trying to get the word out about the monetary and Co2 savings available through solar power. Would you consider doing a blog post about my house? I’ve saved a lot of money!

here is some info on my site

What do you think?
Email me at alohatony @ gmail dot com.
thanks. Tony Kawaguchi

Comment by Tony

dear & respected Earth Friends ,

i hve been watching the global warming events
around the world but no one is finding some solutions?
everybody is just protesting but is that a solution ?
let us do something in this regards before its too late for our children.

1. e.g.if the glaciers are melting then why not we built a small dam at the mouth opening of glacier water coming out towards sea. if we do this the water being cold will again become the ICE.
2.OR if we are not able to built the dam then we can pour polyurethane liquid in tons which will automatically will become hard to hold the water there.
3.we can even dump the polythene plastic sheets which does not decay in water quickly. the time of rainy season the Sweet Water falls from sky & enters the Rivers & then in Ocean.why not we all about hundred countries & millions of farmers & workers DIG up a POND in every FIELD to accumulate the Water which will keep the EARTH & SOIL Cool & reduce the Global Warming & water level of SEA as the water flow of rivers to sea will reduce.
5.Even though this water is stored in inland still it will create Rainclouds due to Evaporation & irrigate the land also.

this is my just simple thinking because i m not a scientist but there are so many wise persons than me who can think better than me for all of us & our kids.

with Warm ? > >Cool regards ,

sammeer j. satpalkar – mumbai – india.

Comment by sameer j s

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