Global Warming Issues


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Here are a few tips to get you started. If you don’t know what to write when contacting a local, state, or national official, we suggest you use the following main points.

Global Warming Points:
– The burning of fossil fuels is pumping extremely large amounts of CO2, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. The presence of the added CO2 in our atmosphere traps the heat from the sun and subsequently warms our entire planet.
– Rising temperatures are causing our glaciers and polar ice caps to melt at alarmingly fast rates. This melting will eliminate the natural habitats of many plant and animal species that are dependant on the cold climate.
– Melting ice and snow is causing worldwide sea levels to rise. If no action is taken to counteract this effect, it will result in the flooding of many small islands and low-lying areas.
– Warming ocean temperatures are causing coral bleaching and other damage to the coral reefs, which provide a natural habitat for countless species of fish and other marine organisms.

Human Influence Points:
– Based on all scientific research, the burning of fossil fuels and other human influences are the leading causes of Global Warming.
– It’s our responsibility to recognize and work to counteract the consequences of our habits. We’re currently not doing enough to fight Global Warming.
– It’s easy to reduce your carbon footprint as an individual
– Government policies and regulations need to be enacted to reduce air pollution and excessive wastefulness.
– We need to start a worldwide fight against Global Warming.

Writing Tips:
– Be as clear and concise as possible – just get to the point
– Include your contact information
– Express your true opinions, but try to be as courteous as possible.


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