Global Warming Issues

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We have created a page for you to post the letters that you have sent to your local representatives. Here’s the letter that we sent:

Dear (Representative’s name),

We are four seniors at Punahou School and this summer, we are taking a
class in economics and community service. As part of this class, we
have created a blog on the issue of global warming. In our blog, we
focus on this problem at local, national, and global level.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time in your
busy schedule to respond to the following questions about global
1) Do you feel global warming is a major issue in Hawaii? Recent
scientific evidence suggests that if left unchecked, global warming
will eventually cause sea levels to rise so much that Waikiki will be
fully submerged. What is your opinion on this analysis?
2) What measures have been taken regarding global warming in Hawaii?
What are you proposing for the future?
3) Do you believe we as residents of Hawaii are doing enough to
counteract this problem?
4) To what extent do you believe the government should play a role in
regulating fossil fuel emissions and other global warming related

Thank you for your time. If you would like to view our blog, please
visit our site at



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..OMG!according to my teacher in bio. the cause of global warming is not on the man made activities..its the evolution of stars! this true!?

Comment by nazer molina, jr

I have completed my research on GLOBAL WARMING with the cure for it. My Analysis is completely based on my own theory which I call THEORY of 0, which means considering all facts & figures from 360 degree angle. I would appreciate if someone can get in touch with me as we are running short of time. Before I send the document or we proceed further with our conversation, I would like to relate few facts which has already been mentioned by SCIENCE (researches of NASA) that the cause of GLOBAL WARMING is CO2 (carbon dioxide) & methane gas. Which we relate to excess of pollution released through vehicle & industries.
Now my analysis would contradict or challenge the mentioned above which by BIG names, but at times if one analysis happens to be incorrect the entire RESEARCH is to be concluded completely wrong. If the THREAT is NATURE then the cause has to be GLOBAL & in majority, now consider the facts of science that the cause is CO2 & METHANE. In majority that the cause cannot be pollution or industries only because it has been taught & we still follow that HUMANS, which are in MAJORITY on this PLANET. WE DO EXHALE CO2, so the cause is HUMANS than concluding to any other aspect or angle.

It is HUMANS which is the CAUSE for GLOBAL WARMING. This is just the beginning of my ANALYSIS, if at all you find LOGIC to the mentioned above we can further take this ahead or else please IGNORE if you find no LOGIC in it. Moreover the WHOLE in the Ozone layer is co related to my ANALYSIS.
Am sure you will agree with me as the THREAT leaves us with no room for TIME.
My analyses conclude that the level of WATER would increase & the PLANET of PARADISE would become LAND OF WATER by 2012.
Am sharing one of the analysis from my manuscript & if your team would find LOGIC to the mentioned please do revert back for the same.

The ROTATION of the EARTH has increased, earlier it was taking 1degree movement (REVOLUTION) in 24hrs but now its is moving at a speed of 1 degree REVOLUTION in every hour which makes 24 degree REVOLUTION in 1 day. This further concludes the pace of 360 degree REVOLUTION in just 15 DAYS, anything moving faster than light year speed cannot be observed by naked eyes nor a speed which is in micro. Moreover the entire change in the atmosphere is because of the drastic change in release of the 3 energy’s, which ALPHA, BEETA & YAMA. We human release three energies, which are positive negative & Neutral but all are released in different ways which should not be the case at all.
Please analyze the mentioned above with LOGIC’S or else please IGNORE.

Michael Nathan Dsouza

Comment by Michael

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