Global Warming Issues


When we first decided to focus on the issue of Global Warming, we split the issue up into three main levels. The first is the Local level, which focuses on the state of Hawaii since we are based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The second is the National level, which focuses on the United States of America. The third is the Global level, which focuses on the whole of planet Earth.

Because we value and respect all opinions on this subject, we have also created a secondary blog that presents the issue of Global Warming from an alternative viewpoint.

We also have a Global Warming opinion poll because we want to hear your thoughts on this issue. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment anywhere on our site, or send us an email.


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This site looks amazing so far–great visuals, strong analysis, passionate viewpoints. The only recommendation I have to offer is citing your sources more intentionally. There are many people out there who want to question your respective analyses, so be sure to ground much of what you’re saying with credible sources either imbedded in the text or cited in some way (see the citation formattting link in the iws home page–they just put it up). Also, to encourage people to contact their representatives you could make it an easy link for them to their e-mails and even write a letter that people can simply put their name on and send. That last suggestion is far more complicated than my capabilities, but I’m sure the IT guys or you can figure it out.

Great start!

Comment by John Cheever

Thanks for sharing all of this valuable information with us. I especially like your links to other resources on the web. I am espeically interested in Green Home construction myself. Anything to reduce your impact on the planet is a good thing.

Great site!!!!!

Comment by Tim Dysinger

You guys are awesome.. Keep up the great work.. BTW: y r u based in Hawaii?

Comment by Maxine

Hi Maxine. We’re based in Hawaii because we went to school together there.

Comment by Lani Maher

You gav me the perfect Current Events. Thanks

Comment by Maxine

I am looking on your “research” page “national level” and see what has not been done, what has been done, what should be done, but am not finding any research showing facts that carbon emissions is the cause of global warming. Can you please direct me? Thank you

Comment by gwwonderer

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